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Join me for this Free Workshop


“Thriving Today,
Building Tomorrow”

Thriving together in today’s economy,

while planning consciously for the future.

Tues Jan 17, 2023 7-9p PT / 10p-12a ET / next day morning 8:30-10:30a IST

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If you can't make this one, don't worry!

I will be hosting financial literacy and education workshop / discussion spaces
monthly, every 2nd and 4th Tues - 
7-9p PST / 10-12a EST / 8:30a-10:30a IST.

Please feel free to contact me anytime,


or 925 596 8843

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This workshop is for you if you want to, learn more about:

Budgeting and saving money: This includes creating a budget, setting financial goals, and identifying ways to save money, such as cutting expenses or increasing income..

Investing: Understanding the different types of investment options and learn how to make informed investment decisions.

Retirement planning: Planning for one's financial needs in retirement, including understanding different retirement savings options and how to maximize them, other than just traditional 401(k) plans and IRAs.

Tax strategies: Learning tax strategies to help you save money and avoid penalties, maximizing your financial resources.

Risk management: Understanding the risks involved in different financial decisions, and taking steps to manage and mitigate those risks.

My "Why"

I have always believed that "sharing is caring" and with that spirit have always endeavored to make a positive difference for those.  It has been ingrained in me that personal success is meaningless if you don't bring your loved ones with you..

The more I learned about financial literacy and education, the more I realized that this was an area of life that everyone I knew was affected by but no one really talked about it due to shame or growing up in a family that believed in "keeping everything private". 

It wasn't until I left my zones of safety and familiarity that I met mentors and began joining learning communities which encouraged two main principles: 

Number one:



Number two:


1 (17).png

In the US:

According to surveys conducted by research firms and government agencies in Canada and America, North Americans are facing serious financial challenges.

  • 79% of Americans feel financial stress.

  • More than half live paycheck to paycheck.

  • 62% of Americans carry credit card debt, 37% have already maxed out their credit card, and 27% don't pay their bills on time.

Most of us don't want to become a statistic.


These problems occur because of a lack of open and honest dialogue about financial education. 

You can start today!

I was recently speaking with a dear friend who is in her early 60’s, just recently bought a new home in Portland and moved there and she so gracefully and empathetically mentioned how the economic conditions were vastly different in the Baby Boomer era than now.

I was really touched by how she could name many of the challenges that my friends ranging from 20’s to 50’s are facing depending on their situations, whether it’s removing debt or planning for their

parents’ elderly care.

It is challenging times right now,  between lay offs, the rising cost of goods and services, and high inflation rates.

These past several months, I’ve been learning a lot about financial literacy and education and would love to share what I’ve been  learning and create a safe space where we can collectively support each others’ journey towards a healthy relationship with money and prosperity.

With hugs and in service,


One of my dearest friends, Weihaur Lau, and I will be co-leading this fun Live Interactive workshop / discussion event.

Please feel free to contact me anytime,


or 925 596 8843

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