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...still not sure if these tools are worth learning?

Hear from Jensen Huan, CEO of NVIDIO, one of the leaders in leading the future in the artificial intelligence and digital space on why learning not just how these tools work, but more importantly how to apply them to make you and your business more efficient and productive

20 yrs ago, if you said that you could look at a rectangle on your hand and see a video of someone across the world, you would have been labeled crazy.
From today's lens, you would have been labeled a "thought leader".

Times are Changing, will YOU change with them?
"Learn" HOW by registering below:



"Using AI and other Design Tools to Solve your TOP 3 Business Problems!"
Wed. April 5, 5-7p PT / 8-10p ET
A LIVE Interactive Workshop. We will use the latest AI tools to help solve your top 3 Business problems LIVE.  We will spend 10-15 mins for each LIVE participant in Round Robin format.  You will get started on your solutions while learning from others'.
Each registration includes a FREE 15 min follow-up call with me to help you apply what you've learned so you're not a leaf blowing in the wind, after the workshop.

Use code "Learn" for your discount as a "thank you" for helping me do what I love, which is to
"Make Your Life More Productive, through the latest applied Technologies"

feel free to email or text / call 925 596 8843 for any questions

I look forward to seeing you there!  If can't make it, get the recording, it will save you 


Parth Savla
Performance Coach and Tech Geek 🤓

Parth Savla

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