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Unleash Your Creativity & Solve Everyday Problems with Artificial and Design Tools in this workshop!

Calling all problem solvers and tech-savvy entrepreneurs!

As you know in addition to using NLP and hypnotherapy for the healing of clients, I’m always looking for tools and resources to support them on the technology and business development side of things.

Combining both passions and a list of frequently asked questions, I have put together a fun, interactive and MOSTLY practical “done it with you” workshop to learn and grow together and MOSTLY have your TOP 3 Organizational Problems solved in REAL TIME.

🤓 Learn how to use artificial intelligence and other design tools to tackle everyday business problems.

🤓 Get ready to explore the possibilities that these tools can offer you and your business!

🤓 Save yourself so much time by Lear king from others’ examples and feedback

🤓 All Registrations INCLUDE:

1) recording, 2) tip sheet 3) 15 min (free) follow up “Where are you stuck? Let’s get you unstuck!” call, within two weeks of the workshop. This is so you are clear and confident in applying what you learned and that I know it was tangibly valuable.

👉🏼 Date: Wed April 5

👉🏼 Time: 5-7p PT / 8-10p ET

👉🏼 Reg link: CLICK HERE

💰Use Promo Code “Learn” for 30% until March 30

💡 IMAGINE Natasha, a business owner who was struggling to keep up with customer demands, while coming up with new ways to promote her services to a cold market and feel confident about her outreach strategies.

During the workshop, she learned in REAL TIME how to use AI tools (like #chatGPT and #OpenAI) to generate ideas for outreach, use tools like #ComposeAI for help with copy, #WIX to build her website and mobile app, #Canva for design, and a 3 month plan to build her sales so she can expand her budget and upgrade her tools.

💡LET’S MEET Prakash, a seasoned IT engineer who has a team of 3 junior engineers. His day entails Troubleshooting and resolving technical issues, participating in team meetings and presenting technical solutions to stakeholders, and security and providing technical training and mentoring to junior IT engineers.

He’s got a big presentation coming up and English is not his native language. During the workshop, he got the idea to turn his facts into humorous stories that could relate to everyone in the room, using AI tools (like #chatGPT and #OpenAI).

Humbly knowing he’s not the sharpest when it comes to humor, he even got the idea to ask for joke ideas he could weave into his stories, used #ComposeAI for copy, #canva and #Tome for design and visual presentation, within in a week he was ready to go! Even his manager was impressed when he shared it a few days early to get his feedback 👍🏽😎

Whether you can resonate with Natasha or Prakash or know someone who does, we’ll use these tools to solve their 3 main business problems “LIVE”.

👉🏼 This workshop is perfect for business professionals, small business owners, nonprofit managers, or someone who moonlights as a board member!

While these #artificialintelligence and #design tools can show us how to connect the dots, I believe that it will still be #humanintelligence that it will always (hopefully) create them.

PS: Recordings will be sent 1 week after the workshop.

🤩 Learn faster with more fun, together!

💰 Registration includes 1) recording, 2) tip sheet 3) 15 min follow up support call, within two weeks of the workshop.

💰30% OFF Promo Code “Learn” until March 30 💞


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