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Welcome to the: 

Visionary Club

Begin your journey to legendary success! This is the surest way to not only design your ideal life but also achieve it through  consistent support and collaboration.

This package is perfectly designed to give your mind a new blueprint so you can experience your desired life!

Your Visionary Club Membership includes:

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The What:

➤  Deeper understanding of the subconscious mind, physiology, the value of feelings in the healing and creating process.

➤ Identifying a core self limiting belief and those that orbit it, releasing their grip resulting in greater confidence newly found energy.

➤ Creating desired beliefs and outcomes, through tangible practices, strengthening those neural networks to produce lasting change.

➤ Action plan and personal tools to establish changes and support new behaviors and habits.

➤ Support of a focused learning community to help you achieve your goals faster, with ease and play.


The How:

➤ 8 one-on-one virtual weekly sessions, each session is 2 hrs.

➤ 2 specific NLP sessions using light hypnosis and visualization (sessions 2 & 5)

➤ Plus 1 month of weekly accountability support to ensure that your new insights are habitual and producing results

➤ Invitation to monthly mingle with fellow Visionaries for mutual support

Support Tools:

➤  Weekly Support Video exclusively for Visionary           Club Members. Check out our video on Being Spectacular as an example

➤ Visionary Bundle which includes personalized shirt, planner by BestCo (one of the leading companies in planning & organization), a mug for those beverages that keep you going, mints, and much more...

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BONUSes for ongoing support!

➤ FREE VIP Access for you and 3 friends for future Challenges.  Next one begins in Nov!

➤ 2nd Complimentary Visionary Bundle for you when registering with friends

➤ Special discounts on future programs and offerings

➤ Be the first to know about Coherence Updates by being part of our Visionary Club Email List





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  • This program includes 12 weekly coaching + Voxer coaching in between ...

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    2,499 Indian rupees
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