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Welcome to your Website Makeover Journey, you know how I love to have fun :)


Please take 10 mins or less to complete the following form to ensure that our first meeting is effective, thanks!  Also see the list of pages and features included below. 

As mentioned in my email, your makeover will include the following 6 pages:

  1. Home page

  2. About Me

  3. Services

  4. Contact Form

  5. Booking Calendar

  6. Checkout

Web site will include the following features or abilities: 

  1. Contact Form Integration

  2. Pricing Plan Creation

  3. Checkout Integration

  4. Thank You Email Trigger

  5. Booking Calendar & Integration to your calendar

Once completed, we will have a 1 hour Training so I can walk you through how to update it yourself in the future.


Help People Discover You

Contact info as you want it listed on your website

List all of your Social Media Links below

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